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 so yes [personal profile] keltena and i are going to prom

a screenshot of an avatar from FE:A, with forged and renamed weapons spelling out "Gray, will you go to prom with me?"

and i ended up getting my tuxedo today!!!! i don't think i have ever been so confident in my queer masculinity in MY LIFE. it was kind of a "whoa you clean up nice" moment for me, although collars???? collars are so hard to deal with. and i haven't gotten the pants hemmed yet, which was a problem when i came downstairs and ended up dragging the bottom of the pants everywhere ahaha....ha. 
here are some awful gratuitous selfies for you

i am planning on getting a really adorable femme-y bowtie to go with it. preferably a floral pattern. because fuck gender.

if any other nb or butch people are looking for a tux as well, i'd recommend tuxforher. it is kind of expensive though but they fit so well and don't make me feel bad about my body or w/e.

that's basically it for now, i've been thinking about fire emblem more so maybe i'll talk about that next time i update!!!

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do you ever wonder if your body is just a shell where you keep your soul or whatever and then get upset because you feel like your body is a terrible vessel what with its broken brain and stuff, or the crippling gender dysphoria you have to deal with all the time, and think that your real soul should have picked a better body because you're sure as hell that your soul doesn't deserve to have such a shitty vessel?

i want to be everywhere and nowhere at once, like a concept or a feeling, but what would i even be, to other people if i didn't have an existent body

this is the constant dilemma and i am pretty sure daily existential crises should not be a fucking thing