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 so yes [personal profile] keltena and i are going to prom

a screenshot of an avatar from FE:A, with forged and renamed weapons spelling out "Gray, will you go to prom with me?"

and i ended up getting my tuxedo today!!!! i don't think i have ever been so confident in my queer masculinity in MY LIFE. it was kind of a "whoa you clean up nice" moment for me, although collars???? collars are so hard to deal with. and i haven't gotten the pants hemmed yet, which was a problem when i came downstairs and ended up dragging the bottom of the pants everywhere ahaha....ha. 
here are some awful gratuitous selfies for you

i am planning on getting a really adorable femme-y bowtie to go with it. preferably a floral pattern. because fuck gender.

if any other nb or butch people are looking for a tux as well, i'd recommend tuxforher. it is kind of expensive though but they fit so well and don't make me feel bad about my body or w/e.

that's basically it for now, i've been thinking about fire emblem more so maybe i'll talk about that next time i update!!!