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Hello [community profile] giftstuck author! I'm [ profile] tateyamas and I am really psyched to see how this goes! This will be my first actual DW gift exchange, and I'd like to thank you in advance for 1. signing up and 2. eventually writing me what I'm sure will be an amazing fic!

I requested any of these four pairings (so you can take any one you're willing to write!): 
  • Meenah Peixes/Aranea Serket (any rating)
  • Terezi Pyrope/Vriska Serket (M to E)
  • Roxy Lalonde/Calliope (any rating)
  • Rose Lalonde/Kanaya Maryam (preferably T to light M)
Here are some little things I feel strongly about/would be endlessly happy to see these!
  • I really, really love the idea of a relationship where neither side is exactly sure if it's actually romantic or just really deep platonic love. I love it even more when both sides agree to keep it without definition, since by defining it the bond tends to lose its uniqueness. Kisses, words of affection that would usually be construed as romantic, cuddling and hand-holding, all with that sort of platonic/romantic ambiguity, are all REALLY GREAT THINGS that I would love to see with Meenah/Aranea and Roxy/Calliope. Existing moiraillegiances and the transition from pale to flushed quadrants would be lovely!!
  • If you're going to do Terezi/Vriska, I would prefer smut hehe. Rivalry power dynamics, especially snarky dialogue and mid-sex banter, sexual competition and/or power play. I also would love to see them sort of... pretending to be in a black romance, but actually just being childish throughout and having more of an intense rivalry than an established kismesissitude... if that makes sense. 
  • With Rose/Kanaya I would love to see Kanaya trying to teach Rose Trollish, since language barriers are a thing I've been thinking about a lot, but if you can't do that, it's fine! Anything really with them will make me smile.
General likes, no need to implement all, but if any of these themes resound with you I encourage you to pick it!
  • Domestic/slice-of-life fluff
  • Holiday themed fluff! Like wintry cold days and hot chocolate and that kind of cute stuff.
  • Nontraditional storytelling
  • Epistolary storytelling (writing through letter correspondence)
  • Canon exploration
  • Modern AU/universe ambiguity
  • Music/language study
  • Second person writing
  • Romantic friendship
  • Trans* headcanons! I love these in any way shape or form, so if you have trans* headcanons for these characters, by all means DO include them.
  • Body shape headcanons are a plus too!
General dislikes
  • Noncon
  • First person narration
  • Gory violence. Blood is okay but please no character death...
  • Use of slurs (unless in character, or the use of them called out by another) 
  • Words like c*nt, vulgar dirty talking
  • Downplaying relationship issues between characters
Again, author, thank you so much for choosing to sign up and to work with me on this! I'm really happy I got up the courage to enter, and I'm very excited-- both to read what I get, and to write for someone else!

Much love,
Gray ~