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an album cover, depicting mokou with her phoenix wings grasping at kaguya's hand. kaguya's other hand holds the jeweled branch of hourai. they are both smiling. a bright yellow moon glows in the distance.

[updated 6.21.14 and 7.18.2014] 

fujiwara no mokou/kaguya houraisan fanmix. spoilers for end of imperishable night.

i don't know why i started shipping this but this weekend i suddenly wrote them and now this. i'm done, i'm gone, meet me in terumoko hell
liner notes under the cut

8tracks link -- art source

i. landfill -- daughter

wipe away your tear stains
thought you said you didn't feel pain
well this is torturous electricity
between both of us and this is
dangerous, 'cause i want you so much
but i hate your guts
i want you so much
but i hate your guts


ii. terrible love -- the national

it's a terrible love and i'm walking with spiders
it's a terrible love that i'm walking with
and i can't fall asleep
without a little help
it takes awhile
to settle down
my ship of hopes
wait till the past leaks out


iii. my blood -- ellie goulding

and i'm thrown in the gunfire of empty bullets
and my blood is all i see
as you steal my soul from me
alarms will ring for eternity
the waves will break every chain on me
and god knows i'm not dying but i bleed now
and god knows it's the only way to heal now


iv. have you got it in you? -- imogen heap

all at once, not a whisper, nor word
then all at once
let me have it all, let me have a battle on,
easy target,
look can we just...just get it over with
it's getting worse, against all the odds...
it's getting worse
guard down, floor's yours, last man standing
can we... just get it over with


v. breathe in -- frou frou

what part of no - don't you understand - i've told you before
to just get off my case - this isn't happening - stop this now
and i - where was i? - i have to be somewhere
now where did i put it?
and i'm high enough from all the waiting
to ride a wave on your inhaling
cause i love you, no
can't help but love you, no

vi. between the bars -- elliot smith



drink up baby, look at the stars
i'll kiss you again between the bars
where i'm seeing you there
with your hands in the air
waiting to finally be caught
drink up one more time
and i'll make you mine
keep you apart, deep in my heart
separate from the rest

vii. pitter-pat -- erin mccarley

i've lost my sense of right and wrong
well-justified my soul to carry on
it feels so damn good to write off the rules
but when a new day breaks
i'm left a fool
i'm such a fool

viii. nobody puts baby in the corner - fall out boy

drink down that gin and kerosene
and come spit on bridges with me
just to keep us warm
light a match to leave me be
so wear me like a locket around your throat,
i'll weigh you down,
i'll watch you choke
you look so good in blue

ix. a sky full of stars - coldplay

cause you're a sky, you're a sky full of stars
i wanna die in your arms
cause you get lighter the more it gets dark
i'm gonna give you my heart
i don't care, go on and tear me apart
i don't care if you do
cause in a sky, in a sky full of stars
i think i see you

x. the phoenix -- fall out boy

you're wearing our vintage misery
no, i think it looked a little better on me
i'm gonna change you like a remix
then i'll raise you like a phoenix
the war is won
before it's begun
release the doves
surrender love

xi. 朱雀の空 (sky of suzaku) -- RURUTIA (translated)

the clear sky, an ominous red
the sun, melting its way down the sky
the last smile you left me
is so transparent, it’s distorted
the waves break with a rough noise
stronger than my surging blood
the curtain comes down on the peaceful horizon

xii. 第七楽章 luna forest / 第三楽章 timeless mind -- morrigan

arranges of kaguya's theme "lunatic princess, flight of the bamboo cutter"
and mokou's theme "reach for the moon, immortal smoke"

i've only ever been your reflection, said the moon to the sun, 
❝ and i'll never burn as bright as you  


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