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 i got outside today for the first time in a month; like, really outside. not the halfhearted "walk up and down the length of my backyard" sort of outside-- i am actually perched in a tree writing this, it is probably twenty-five feet from the ground where i am. it's like summer outside which made the prospect of running around outside very very desirable but the best thing is, i woke up with a stomachache/migraine killer combo and now being here, outside, where the wind is and where the birds are, i have pretty much forgotten about that. i could probably live in this tree. i think i might actually try to live in this tree. (except it's on a property that is empty and owned by the mansion next door, so technically i can't.) they should just let us buy this place, it's small enough, and we use it much more than THEY do.
i scraped up my knees and elbows a little getting up here but that's the good kind of outdoor-related injuries. i feel like a kid again. scabby knees and rough elbows and callused fingers.
i don't know how long this will last but i'm happy here even if i'm only pretending to be a mythical tree youkai to get away from the earthly human things that are bothering me. i am aware of my presence in my own life.
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