lightlag: Back view of Yasu, a white hat on their head, still partly in their servant uniform with golden butterflies around them (umineko tag)
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 In your dreams over and over you watch him sink to the ocean floor, the clicking and beating of faraway waves blotting out the words that come from his moving lips. He is quiet still as his mouth forms words that become bubbles that become nothing, but you can sense it-- go back, he says, but then in a forced-down whisper, so quiet that without the silence on the seafloor you probably wouldn't have heard it, go back or swim to me.
You see yourself from the surface, drowning, and don't try to save yourself.
With a pang you realize that you have been selfish, and the part of you that is Yasu wraps the part of you that is Beatrice in a gentle, spun-silk cocoon, light enough to flow but heavy enough to sink, and when you wake up you never quite know which one was gone with the waves and which one stayed on shore.
 A gasp, like trying to clear your lungs of salt water, and you sit up straight in bed. Heaving over yourself, you press the heels of your hands into your thighs, rocking back and forth as you pant through your nightmare (was it a nightmare? Or was it a reminder?) and Battler's hand reaches upward to rest on your right arm, tugging, imploring. You collapse, burying yourself into the silk duvet, and he pulls you toward him tightly, and you curl in and press your shoulder blades back into his chest, as a quiet thank you.
He wraps you further into the cocoon he's created for the both of you, but it's different-- in this one, you can breathe. The white silk falls over your eyes like a curtain and you rest. 
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