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 i haven't felt like such a piece of shit in a really long time, since i got on some new meds and they've been making me feel a little less sad all the time, but yesterday was such a shit day i feel like i've done something terrible and i don't know what
anyway animal crossing

animal crossing always makes me feel so relaxed idk and i've been working on my town really intensely over the last week or so. there's a really cool trick to hybrids i figured out mainly because i needed to breed black roses for this stupid project i came up with. i was gonna make a little golden land thing with a bench in the middle and bushes around it and all these golden roses which i can finally pull off because i figured out the trick to hybrids whICH IS!!! jacob's ladders next to flowers you want to breed, as well as watering even if they don't need it; golden watering can works best i guess because come on, golden watering can, but if you don't have that any watering can should be just fine. i have mine set up like this:

so fence, red/black roses (3 across) and 2 jacob's ladders in the other corner. leave the fifth space open for hybrids and water them every day!

it really does work like a charm don't talk to me

i'm also thinking about yasu a lot so once i gather up enough ideas i might make a post about them. yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu 
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