Oct. 5th, 2013

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 yesterday [personal profile] keltena[personal profile] outstretched and i made it to a Vienna Teng concert at Highline Ballroom! we were up in the balcony stage right? (left for the stage but?????? huh) and i can't help but keep bringing up the fact that this was my first concert ever (yes ever) and i am so glad i waited so long, because i don't know what i would do if my first concert experience was a band i liked in fifth grade or something. either way, Vienna was phenomenal live, even better in person, and Alex Wong opened for her-- all three of us were surprised at how great he was as well. i will definitely have to get his albums as well.
at around the fifth song in the set Vienna said something along the lines of "well every so often in this set script it says 'Vienna does something solo' and I don't know what that means so I'm taking requests" and sort of involuntarily i shouted out "RECESSIONAL" really loudly and she looked up at us in the balcony and said "someone said recessional so I'll do that" or something like that. my heart must have exploded i don't know, it was one of those crazy experiences for me... sits down
"copenhagen" (aka CUPenhagen) was also really perfect, everyone was just playing with Actual Cups during the song-- both Alex and Jordan sitting down and using one of the amps as a table to play in rhythm, and then by the last chorus Vienna scurrying from the piano to join in. they are such sweet and hilarious and sincere people and performers. i mean who else do you know that would give up their piano in the middle of a concert to hit cups and sing in a cappella harmonies... just talented dorks with plastic cups. really.
there were also some really wonderful audience participation songs. i never really knew the crystal sounds in "the breaking light" were played on wine glasses, and it felt really warm and open and soothing to be singing with everyone else as well. also Vienna's encore was hilarious, and the audience had a great time keeping the beat and heckling a LOT. classic new york audience really.
there were parts of the concert where i lost my breath laughing, and other parts when i lost my breath crying, and still other parts where i lost my breath at the energy and beauty of the songs ("in the 99", for example, Alex Wong's percussion right before the second verse knocked the wind out of me) so generally yes, it was an experience i won't forget. hanging out with Josh and Soni and seeing this all happen with them was amazing, and i have to thank Josh so much for inviting me for THEIR birthday. seriously it means so much to me and i don't know what i would have done if they hadn't introduced me to Vienna in the FIRST place.
thank you so much guys! personal rambling is usually not what this DW is for but i had to sort of. get this out somewhere!