Sep. 17th, 2013

lightlag: The little prince in a glass dome, reaching for a rose in another glass dome (Default)
 stress stressssss strEssssssss. i thought senior year was supposed to be laid back but as far as my experience goes it's been way too busy for my liking. at least i've overcome a silly writing block i had for a while... i think getting into new things has helped me be more inspired, although i still freak out about uploading snk things to ao3.... everyone there is so talented uuuuwah. 
on the other hand i will be going with[personal profile] keltena to a vienna teng concert for their birthday! which will be my First Concert Ever!!!! please don't ask me how i've managed to never see a live show in my seventeen years of life. i just manage to do silly things. either way i'm quite excited! spins and does a little dance.
on the topic of music i've also been listening to a lot of whoo's music. it has a sort of autumn-cool clearness to it, it's really relaxing and beautiful! it's sort of like the light at five or six in the afternoon in fall right before the sun sets! very absorbing and lucid and flowing.
maybe some metas when i finish my projects and clear schoolwork this week... i want to update this cute thing more!