Sep. 3rd, 2013

lightlag: The little prince in a glass dome, reaching for a rose in another glass dome (self tag)
 so i've finally gotten around to starting up a dreamwidth, which i've been meaning to do for quite a while to be honest... i have wanted a place to put my thoughts and rambles especially about fictional characters, and maybe post fanfiction up here before it goes on AO3 (right here!) just for sorting it out, making it less messy, etc. i also talk about vocaloid and utaite a lot, and you'll probably see me ranting about music and producers and other wonderful (read: dorky) things. i'm thinking about including drawings here, but i don't think that's something i'll be doing right now, since art isn't one of my strong suits. otherwise, um... i'm unhappyrefrain at tumblr and kandoreduction on twitter!! i've been around there much longer so...! since i don't usually post thinking/meta/writing there (if at all) i'll use this for my silly rants.